Criteria for posters

Besides field trips and social evenings, we want to provide you with diverse and informative scientific speeches.  Therefore, we need your help: We are looking for short presentations about issues in the field of non-ferrous metallurgy, steel technology,

Of course, you don’t need to do new researches: You can present issues that you have been already worked on through your studies. To ensure a smooth process and to support the creation of the conference proceedings, please consider the following:

  • Duration: 15 to 25 minutes. 25 minutes is the maximum and should not be exceeded!
  • Presentation language: English
  • Template for PowerPoint-presentations: click


As we are going to publish all scientific speeches in the conference proceedings, please send us a paper or an extended version of your presentation to the following email address:


Send us your text in an unformatted way (without hyphenation, special headlines, etc.) until 23rd of March as text file. Your Text should be between 4 and 12 pages long (including images). Images should be sent as separate files in the attachment of the email. Please note, that we need a decent quality for the images. The captions of the images can be sent in a separate file as well or at the end of your unformatted text. Please note, that the images and captions need to be marked in a way that we can match them!


Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Until then with a traditional “Glück auf!”

Criteria for poster design


Sources and bibliography as numbers in square brackets: [1], listing at the bottom of the poster (as seen in the example below)

  • Attention to spelling and grammar!
  • Language: German or English
  • Choose easy to read colors for headlines, illustrations, etc. (darker colors prefered, refrain fro, using yellow)
  • Pictures and graphs have to be self explanatory
  • Minimal size for images: 13 x 18 cm
  • Tables need titles, illustrations need subtitles (as seen in the example below)


Advice for the text

  • Sanserif fonts like Arial are easier to read from a distance
  • Font size should be adjusted to poster size:
Main headline 100 pt 72 pt
Subtitle 48 pt 36 pt
Text 24 pt 20 pt
Table headline /
Image subtitle
18 pt 12 pt
Bibliography 18 pt 12 pt
  • Use known abbreviations to shorten the text (e.g. ICP for Inductively Coupled Plasma)
  • Use 1.5 line spacing (readability)
  • Presentation in three columns prefered


Structure and Segmentation

  • More than half of the poster should be tables, illustrations and graphs
  • Pay attention on a distinct structure
  • The chosen layout of the poster must not be altered.
  • Decide on a reading direction:
    • Column by column, left to right
    • Row by row, top to bottom
    • Radiant from a central image
  • Numbering of subtitles makes orientation easier
  • Keep in mind to keep some space between illustations and text