25. International Students' Day of Metallurgy

April 5th - April 7th 2018

Picture: Jens Bachmann


...to the official website of the 25. ISDM - International Students' Day of Metallurgy - in Freiberg. It's a special honour for us to host the jubilee of the 25. ISDM in Freiberg, Germany.
 The ISDM is organized by the association "Metallurgiestudenten zu Freiberg e.V." of the university Freiberg.
 This webpage includes all information about the ISDM you need, such as contact information, fieldtrips, schedules and a map of Freiberg.

We're looking forward to welcome familiar and new faces at the upcoming ISDM and until then, we say a cordial: Glück auf!