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Friday, 06.04.2018

Meuselwitz Guss

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Meuselwitz GUSS Eisengießerei GmbH is a iron foundry for large- and heavy-casting. They deliver their castings to customers all around the world. With dimensions up to 20 m length, 4 m height or 7 m in diameter they cast gray cast iron as well as globular cast iron from 250 kg up to 80 t. They advise in the development of your components.
 All components are casted following the rules and guidelines of our managmenthandbook. The quality and composition of our castings are a special quality our employees guarantee for. The casted "Q" are our seal of approval and a guarantee of quality.
 The Meuselwitz Guss Eisengießerei GmbH produced about 35.000 t with a total value of 70 million € per year. Thy employ 320 employees in total.
 Meuselwitz Guss is a offer custom-made and a guarantee of high quality. They're advantage is they're own model-builder. Therefor they are able to create models by high size accuracy in very short time. Changing a model is no problem and can be done in no time.


The Sachsen Guss GmbH is a middle-class iron foundry. They' re moldcasting using hand and machinemolding. The company is seated in Chemnitz/ Wittgensdorf. There they produce cast iron and all the necessary tools, models and molds. With mechanical manufacturing the modling is processed ready for assembly. Cusomers are mostly elevator technic, drive technic, track vehicles as well as engeneering.

The total production capacity is around 75.000 t per year. Therefor they are one of the biggest iron foundrys in germany. They produce moldings in machine modling up to 350 kg. Using hand molding moldings up to 25 t can be crafted. In the research department the iron alloys are developed further.


GHM Metallgießerei

The foundry Georg Herrmann Metallgießerei (GHM) was founded in 1934 and produces aluminum cast parts up to a single piece weight of 1000 kg since then. It offers semi-automatic and hand molding next to the use of permanent molds including detailed consultations for its customers. Beneath industrial cast parts also art castings are manufactured. The in-house pattern shop enables the rapid production of casting prototypes and pre-production series.
After the acquisition of the foundry Metallgießerei an der Mulde in 2017, production capacities increased significantly. Furthermore, customers can now order fully machined and pre-assembled cast parts.
The excursion offers the opportunity to witness the foundry production operations as well as the processes at the machining department. Furthermore attendees will get an unique ISDM cast medal as an individual souvenir.

BGH Edelstahl GmbH Freital

When visiting the company, that exists since the 19th century, you can see the electro-steel works with an horizontal continuous casting plant and ingot casting.

One part of the steel production gets homogenised and freed from macro-slag by using the electro-slag remelting process (ESR). This results in an increased level of purity.

The continuous castings as well as the raw ingots and ESR-Ingots are used as base material for the adjacent wire rod and bar steel production, with possible diameters reaching from 5 to 160mm.

A broad variety of heat treatment caters to the adjustment of the mechanical parameters, as requested by the customer.

Modern screening processes like ultrasonic inspection and eddy current crack inspection are used to achieve the highest quality standards.

Silberbergwerk Freiberg

Fully booked!

800 years of tradition, 1000 ore veins and active mining research - The silver mine Freiberg is part of the Research- and teaching mine of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and one of the most notable silver mines in Saxony. The Freiberg deposit was the basis for the evolution of mining and metallurgy in the Erzgebirge. The "subterranean Freiberg" extends over an area of 5 x 6 km beneath the silver city and beyond. In the Freiberg field, around 5400 tonnes of silver were mined over the course of history. This makes Freiberg the silver city of Germany.

During the 2.5h long tour, you first discover the mining between 1950 and 1969. Afterwards you ascend 60m on ladders at a 45° angle. There you can see the mining of the 16th to 19th century, where the tunnel diameter sometimes is as small as 1.60 x 0.50 m.

Saxonia Galvanik

Coatings from SAXONIA Galvanik have various properties which are very much in demand in the automotive and the electronic industries. The many years of experience, comprehensive process expertise, highly qualified employees, as well as the use of the most up-to-date equipment guarantee excellent results as well as an increase in the quality of the coated surfaces.

With about 30 million polyamide parts as well as approximately 60 million single and multi-component parts per year, the company can be regarded as one of the world's leading suppliers of metallised synthetics. In addition to routine production, SAXONIA Galvanik has also established itself as a development partner for the most diverse companies and has decisively influenced the state of technology in the field of interior surfaces.

As a result of our close co-operation with clients, partners and various institutes, the company also possesses the potential and the ability to provide future successful material combinations and solutions. Helped by the input of over 450 employees, SAXONIA Galvanik serves a growing international client base.

With four large plants, which permit a capacity of approximately 1,500 m² of metallised surface per day, as well as modern equipment for qualitative investigations, SAXONIA Galvanik is very well equipped to fulfil challenging requirements, in particular those of the automotive industry. In recent years, in co-operation with specialised research partners, we have been able to introduce and optimize different procedures. In this way, it is possible to securely coat highly complex parts and to fulfil the demanding quality controls of our clients.